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The Queer International Film Festival Playa del Carmen was inaugurated in 2013. This November 2021 it will hold its 8th edition.


The main objective of the festival, in addition to promoting a message  of tolerance and equal rights, is to vindicate the rights of the LGBTTTQIA + community through the Seventh Art, as well as to provide a space for honest, frontal, responsible expression and free of clichés about the community.  

The festival is the only one of its kind in Mexico since the entire portfolio is made up of LGBTTTQIA + stories. Across the different film genres, directors from around the world expose points of view, tell stories and generate visibility for our community by representing us on the big screen.  


As a completely independent festival, our selection of films includes both commercially successful films and independent works, enriching our audience's experience in every way.

In recent years, we have noticed an important increase in the protest aspect and the number of actions that LGBTTTQIA + groups carry out to claim the rights of our community. Unfortunately, visibility is still low and limited, finding ourselves practically excluded in the 21st century both in the cinema and in other aspects of public life. This is why generating a greater presence within the cinema is of vital importance, since the cinematographic medium reaffirms itself, day by day, as an unbeatable speaker for our community.  

Thanks to the Seventh Art, the fight against homophobia has a powerful tool for transforming the common imagination. Through cinema we can show the world that people who identify themselves within the LGBTTTQIA + collective are like any other who loves, suffers, grows, makes mistakes and gets it right; and at the same time, show the same LGBTTTQIA + community, especially the youngest, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, that they are not alone and that they have the right to live their life fully, with the same rights as anyone else.